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Groot netwerk aan IT Professionals

Groot netwerk aan IT Professionals

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Toffe collega´s

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The talents of an Azure Cloud Magician

You won’t find a checklist here. Because a degree cannot capture the spark we seek. Yes, we look for skilled people. And yes, you have to be able to prove you have the necessary skills.

But what we’re really looking for is the X-factor. The passion. The energy. The drive to be the best at what you do and constantly push to become better. At Xpirit, we strive to be the best in what we do. We call this our mission to become an authority, a thought leader. Both individually and as a company. That’s why we only hire people who are driven by the same mission!

And we support you in moving the needle all the time. You get the ability to tap into our collective brain, and together we drive change at our customers. In this particular role, it will be the change to move to the Azure cloud.

Over Xpirit

We are Xpirit. We are highly experienced consultants, experts in cloud transformation using Microsoft Azure, building high performance IT teams using DevOps, and creating Cloud Native Software.

Our ‘pure consultancy’ approach will assess your specific business context. We provide open and honest insights into what we think your company needs to make an efficient transition, which is highly valued by the customers we serve.

We are Xpirit. Together we drive change.

What we stand for Authority, Focus and Values. These principles guide every decision made by both management and staff. Authority means becoming the best in our field, individually and as a company. It’s an audacious goal that keeps us striving and fighting. That’s why we only hire people who are driven by the same mission!

People First You grow. We grow. Xpirit puts People First, always. With a focus on personal and professional development Xpirit provides a mutual atmosphere of respect, trust, responsibility and accountability that helps foster great ideas and innovation.

Sharing Knowledge We believe in Sharing Knowledge. The more you share it, the more it grows. With bi-weekly sessions of Xpirit Knowledge Exchange, we ensure a flow of knowledge from country to country, unit to unit and employee to employee

Functie eisen

Here are a few examples of talents of some Xpiriters:

  • Connecting with people and understanding more than just the technical side of things (Alex Thissen)
  • Breaking up difficult problems into smaller pieces and starting from the beginning, as well as working with people and focusing on what is required to achieve organizational change (Sofie Wisse)
  • From a holistic clients perspective, translate business strategy and challenges into technological solutions in collaboration with others (Martijn van der Sijde)
  • The ability to switch fast from high over architecture to deep dive coding. Chris gets his energy from interacting on both levels (Chris van Sluijsveld)

So, are you crazy about bringing software (or should we say companies?) to the cloud? Do you master Azure Cloud? Do you want to work for top-notch brands and make impact? At Xpirit, you’ll be part of a team that is constantly pushing the boundaries of what we know, challenging the status quo, sharing experiences, driving change and having fun while at it.


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