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We are looking for software engineers to join our team of consultants. You will mostly focus on creating software components for the cloud. You will be able to focus on laying out the system architecture that scales and is resilient by design. Additionally, writing and testing these systems is an important part of your day. Considering the context, you provide the expertise to select the best fitting technology for the job.

As a consultant, you could be helping a team of software engineers to harden the responsiveness of their cloud applications, or you could be helping a team of data scientists to provide them with the necessary data pipelines.

Over Reaktika

With the rise of cloud computing and the growing importance of data in organisations, the importance of a scalable & robust digital business backbone has never been greater. Our approach is built around an Observe, Measure & Improve cycle designed to meet the thoughest technical requirements while still keeping business objectives front and center.

At Reaktika, we believe that the best way to harness the full potential of the cloud-native future is to use the principles of reactive architecture, as outlined in The Reactive Manifesto, to build and maintain robust, scalable and future-proof systems.

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Your profile

  • Excellent software engineer with a master’s degree in computer science or similar through experience
  • Creative thinker, always curious for new technologies to help solve the problem at hand
  • You are aware of the challenges that come with distributed systems in the cloud and are eager to tackle them
  • You are quality-minded and you build for durability and testability
  • You have an entrepreneurial and coaching spirit and like to help us lift our young company to higher levels


  • Robust knowledge of a modern programming language like Scala or Java
  • Knowledge of functional programming is a plus
  • Strong focus on distributed systems and their characteristics
  • Familiar with streaming systems like Kafka, Pulsar or similar technology
  • Keen on API first and test-driven development
  • Interest in paradigms like event-driven, event sourcing, CQRS, … is a plus

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