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We build innovative digital products ensuring maximum value for the business. We work according to the agile methodology (SCRUM) and in close collaboration with our customers. Together with functional experts, UX designers and software developers, you will work in an inspiring, high-paced and fun environment.

As scrum master, you will be assigned to projects, based on your expertise and the project specifics. You are able to work closely together with the business, willing to go the extra mile and love to tackle new challenges. You will be responsible for creating engagement and enthusiasm in our scrum teams, making sure all project participants can maximize their qualities, constantly measuring and improving the way we work.

Over Lab900

Elevating People & Ideas, that’s our mission.

Maybe not what you'd expect for a software development company - but this reflects everything we stand for. Lab900 was founded because we believe that there are no limits to what empowered and passionate teams can achieve.

Elevating people. We will do anything to make sure that everyone can be the best version of themselves, and use their full potential in every ambitious project.

Elevating ideas, because we’ll be by your side. Together we translate ideas into solutions with measurable impact, whether it is through digital products or a journey that will transform your way of working. Our passionate software developers & scrum masters will guide you in every step of the way.

Our services:

  • Digital product incubation: Turn your idea into a stunning digital product
  • New ways of working: Experience methods to motivate and engage teams, get maximum results from meetings
  • Digital studio: Create a hotspot for digital innovation within your company
  • Dev & Agile services: Scale up your project with our developers or let our scrum masters inspire your team

Functie eisen

  • Experience in the Scrum Master role
  • Experience with liberating structures is a plus
  • You are a strong communicator: you make the bridge between the development team, UX design team and business experts
  • You are proactive by nature and can think ahead to remove future impediments
  • You help teams working more agile: helping them to prioritize, to focus on the customer, ...
  • You know all scrum rituals and are able to animate and take the lead in these sessions or related workshops
  • You are fluent in English and either Dutch or French

Knowledge or expertise of these skills are a plus:

  • Scrum master certification
  • Knowledge of other agile approaches: Kanban, Scrumban, XP, ...
  • Applicable knowledge of the technologies used by the team: JIRA, Trello, Slack

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