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What about b.fine?

b.fine can be described as a young, dynamic, ambitious scale-up, ready to revolutionize the finance industry. Our goal is to give our clients insight into their data and processes via a profound expertise and kick-ass software.

Since our founding in 2017 we have grown to over 34 b.finer’s in 2021, and we are not stopping there! For our product team, building our SaaS platform b.rx, we are on the look-out for a back-end .NET developer.

Over b.fine

Leading financial institutions from regulatory reporting towards regulatory intelligence

b.fine’s unique mix of product and services is bringing peace of mind to financial institutions by transforming their inefficient reporting processes into an effective reporting supply chain.

Getting the data right and getting the right data is crucial for financial institutions when it comes down to regulatory reporting. Therefore, financial institutions rely on b.fine to transform their time-consuming, inefficient reporting processes into an effective reporting supply chain.

b.fine is a Belgian-based RegTech scale-up on a mission to industrialize the regulatory reporting processes for financial institutions. To achieve this goal, b.fine created an innovative and collaborative SaaS platform called b.rx which is finally bringing regulatory reporting to the 21st century. Together with our expertise and unique mix of services and technology solutions, we are leading financial institutions from regulatory reporting towards regulatory intelligence.

Functie eisen

How does your day look like?

  • Start the day fresh by grabbing a cup of coffee. From the coffee machine @ the office or from your own trusted coffee maker at home when you are homeworking.
  • As from the previous Scrum meeting you know what to work on. It could be: Writing new code to add new features to b.rx. Find a solution for a very complex bug. Follow some new courses on some high-end technology you will be using. Document your work to make sure your team members get a good understanding when you are not there. Have a meeting with your developer-colleagues to discuss new requirements and make a step-by-step plan.
  • Of course you have some (healthy) lunch in between, refilled your coffee mug a few times and had a social chat with your colleagues.
  • At the end of the day you will have the daily stand-up with the b.rx team. An ideal moment to discuss any difficulties you are facing and gather more insights in information you are still lacking.

Your background?

Back-end development is your thing, and obviously you have:

  • A very good understanding of C#, Entity framework and .NET development
  • Knowledge of REST API, Restful services and Microservices.
  • A good insight in RDMS and NoSQL (e.g. MS-SQL, PostGreSQL, MongoDB)
  • Experience with ASP.NET, MVC and Javascript.

It would be an extra asset if you have any prior knowledge in:

  • Apache Kafka, adaptors, Event streaming,…
  • Data lakes (e.g. AWS Athena, AWS Glue).
  • Agile methodology: daily stand-ups, sprints,...

Besides your technical expertise you are a real team player and goal getter. You get the job done in a professional way and lift the team to a higher level. Also, you are able to make the right priorities and stay calm in stress full moments.

What do you get in return?

Joining b.fine is joining an ambitious and fun team, building a new product. You will encounter a lot of technical challenges and can continue to learn to become an even better expert.


Heeft u hulp nodig?

Youri is beschikbaar om u te adviseren bij de zoektocht naar een nieuwe opportuniteit.

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