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As an Application Architect you will be responsible for the evolution of the architectural landscape of the customer. You make decisions and lead one or more project teams in the field of analysis approach and architecture. You think with the client and keep control over the non-functional impact, such as security, maintainability, performance, ...

Over Faros

Faros offers IT consultancy services, comprising a wide range of server-side Java technologies. For more than 20 years we’ve developed high quality web-based applications. We co-create integrated IT-solutions with and for our customers. Big or small companies, huge or modest projects, every problem is a challenge and ends up in a solution!

Technologies as Spring, Javascript, HTML5, Vaadin, Hibernate and related technologies such as Ant, JUnit, Jenkins and Maven, form the backbone of the Faros competencies.

Faros's consultants are masters in enterprise Java technology and stay up-to-date with the latest technology waves through frequent education. All our consultants are certified JAVA programmers and certified Spring Core professionals.

Best practices and design patterns are commonly applied, and code is tested frequently, preferably in a test-first and continuous integration setting. Faros can deliver junior and senior developers, architects, and functional and technical analysts.

We always work agile! We strongly believe in a joint partnership with the customer, providing frequent feedback loops.

Our mission: offering your users the best experience. That’s what we’re after!

Functie eisen

  • Extensive experience with Java Enterprise is a must.
  • Experience in analysis, design, implementation and delivery of applications.
  • You can master the architecture of complex applications, taking into account the non-functional requirements such as security, performance, scalability, ...
  • You have a broad knowledge with web and database technologies, communication protocols, integration techniques, distributed systems, DevOps, security, ....
  • With your expertise you have a clear view of the (technical) risks for impact and probability and provide strategies to mitigate them.
  • OO, design patterns, domain-driven design, refactoring and unit testing are very familiar concepts to you.
  • You can convey your architecture to the team.

Bonus points for

"Assume nothing, question everything!"

  • You have an analytical and critical mind,
  • Problems do not exist, there are only challenges,
  • Your mind does not rest before it has found the solution for every challenge,
  • You understand that not all code is the same - you strive for quality.

"Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people." (Steve Jobs)

  • You are a true team player,
  • You understand that many hands make light work,
  • In all of this you are customer oriented and you strive to get the job done,
  • Communication is essential as you are working together with a team of developers, architects, analysts, project managers and others.
  • Last but not least, humor is essential in your job.
  • Besides English you also possess a good knowledge of Dutch.

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