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Een marktconforme verloning

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We are passionate about the web. You too?

Who are we? We are an innovative full service communications agency located in Antwerp with a beautiful view over ‘De Schelde’. We are known for our creativity, flexibility, and innovative approach to all things web. CIGAR.AGENCY is vastly growing and we are looking for someone to join our enthusiastic team. Are you ready for this challenge?

The Job You will help our developer take some of his workloads off; You will create dynamic webpages with PHP/HTML and JS; You will offer support in front-end and back-end development.

Over Cigar.Agency

In 1935, the phrase Close, Colonel, but no cigar, was first used in a movie about the life of Annie Oakley. She was a woman who stood her ground as a gunslinger. Not exactly a matter of course for a woman in those days.

The expression close, but no cigar, has become more common over the years. It is an expression originating from the fairground. Back when smoking was still on-trend, a cigar was the grand prize for someone who excelled at a challenge. Thus, the cigar became an expression of wealth and well-being.

What does this quote have to do with an agency like ours? A lot, to say in the least. We, as humans, are all existentialists at heart. We strive for meaning in existence and try everything to find it. This philosophy connects us to communication. It is the primary tool to create meaning, value, and possibility. Through communication, we occupy our place in the world, and we secure our vision and business.

The specific case of the Colonel shows a disappointed man who was close but did not win the grand prize, the cigar. Close was, alas, not enough. Annie will not settle for hitting close to the mark. She reaches for the cigar. And so do we. We compete for nothing less than the main prize for you. We will put every effort into reaching your goals, hitting your targets, and scoring you a cigar by spreading your message.

We are CIGAR.AGENCY and close is truly not enough.

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Our ideal developer has the following characteristics:

  • You have a degree in computer science, web development or any equivalent;
  • You can convince us with your skills;
  • You are responsible and communicative;
  • You have somewhat of project management skills and can work individually;
  • You are passionate about the web and a programmer by heart;

Technical competencies

You are proficient in:

  • HTML5 and CSS;
  • JavaScript;
  • PHP7;
  • MySQL5;
  • API and RESTFull services.
  • Bonus (but certainly not required): knowledge of Google Firebase and react.js.

Our Offer

  • We offer you the opportunity to develop your skills in a hands-on environment;
  • You will work in a flexible and modern work environment;
  • You will get the opportunity to become a key employee in a fast-growing agency; - You receive a competitive salary package.

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