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Je bent projectmatig betrokken op locatie bij klanten.

Je onderzoekt en stelt nieuwe technologieën voor.

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Medior, senior

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At Fenego, we combine our passion for technology with strong expertise in commerce. Based on our partnership with Intershop, we have a proven track-record in providing our customers with state-of-the-art commerce platforms, and by consequence serve their customers the best possible online experience. Fenego distinguishes itself by the exceptionally high level of expertise, customer-centric and down-to-earth approach. Fenego is a hotspot for entrepreneurship with passionate employees and attracts people based on their talent.

For the following position, we are not looking for a person with one particular solve-it-all skill, but someone who can select the proper instrument from his toolbox to solve the tasks and problems at hand.

Over Fenego

Fenego guides and supports its customers in the rapidly evolving digital commerce landscape. Fenego's unique approach focuses on all facets of commerce. Ranging from strategy and development to security and cloud solutions for a complete commerce environment.

Fenego distinguishes itself by the exceptional high degree of expertise, the open and down-to-earth project approach and the passion of its employees.

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Functie eisen

  • As integration specialist, you build and maintain commerce platforms, making sure underlying back-end infrastructure and integrations are working like a charm.

  • You master the common software engineering practices in an agile environment (version management, continuous delivery, containerization, unit testing, etc).

  • Identify and address bugs or issues to make sure the users are getting the best possible experience.

  • You deliver high-quality code that balances beauty and pragmatism.

  • As technical consultant, you are willing to travel to our customers occasionally.

  • Proven experience within the Java ecosystem.

  • SQL has no secrets for you.

  • Knowledge on how to set up a production-ready infrastructure from scratch.

  • General architectural conceptual insights (microservices, REST, ESB, message queues, etc.).

  • Knowledge on a broad toolset for successful data transformations (XML, XSL, etc.).

  • Experience in working with a headless IT architecture and MACH principles.

  • You have significant knowledge of both back-end and front-end development development (Server/client-side Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 & SASS).

  • Know your way around major cloud services such as AWS or Azure.

  • Commerce platforms know-how, such as Intershop.

  • You love to experiment and explore new technologies/frameworks.

  • Basic experience in operating system administration (Linux, ...).

  • You are an excellent communicator.

  • You are a true team player.

  • You have a curious mindset and not afraid to ask questions.

  • You are always looking to improve and have a “get-the-job-done”-mentality.

  • You are fluent in Dutch and English.


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